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Super Bowl Monday book cover

Super Bowl Monday

The New York Giants, The Buffalo Bills and Super Bowl XXV
(Taylor Trade, Fall 2011)

This book is a dramatic retelling of that epic title game in January 1991. Great characters and a gripping finish to the closest episode in Super Bowl history made for a wonderful conclusion to the game’s Silver Anniversary. But what establishes that day a special moment in American sports history was the cloud of war hanging over the game and the nation. Ten days before the Giants defeated the Bills 20-19 in Tampa Stadium, the United States authorized Operation Desert Storm and the Persian Gulf War was underway.

The book is entitled Super Bowl Monday because the hundreds of thousands of American soldiers who were able to watch the Giants vs. the Bills did so on Arabic Standard Time, several hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. For those men and women on duty in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq, Super Bowl XXV took place early Monday morning.

Super Bowl Monday features original research from newspaper and video archives in addition to lengthy interviews with many of the game’s stars.


The most interesting and accomplished examination of Super Bowl XXV I have ever read.

Steve Sabol

American Filmmaker

Scott Norwood’s field-goal kick went wide, but Adam Lazarus’ detailed recount of Super Bowl XXV sails right between the uprights.

John Clayton


This Super Bowl was one of the best football games I’ve ever seen–one of the most strategic and surprising. Lazarus gives readers a great view from both sides, and it’s well worth the trip back in NFL history.

Peter King

Sports Illustrated

Adam Lazarus has captured in vivid detail Super Bowl XXV, played in the shadow of the first Iraq War, which made for an uneasy and anxious mood at that time in America. Super Bowl Monday is also a book for the true football fan. It really is well done.

Frank Gifford

Pro Football Hall of Fame


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