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In many ways, John Glenn and Ted Williams were dissimilar. But they shared the essential traits of bravery, loyalty, devotion to excellence, and despite political differences, authentic patriotism. Carefully researched and skillfully rendered, this is the compelling story of the enduring bond between two genuine American heroes.

Bob Costas


The detail in this book gave me a whole new perspective on the bond between John Glenn and Ted Williams, one forged through combat missions in Korea and lasted the rest of their lives. Adam Lazarus captures not just a great American friendship, but also a great American ideal: that for all that makes two people like John Glenn and Ted Williams different, there are special bonds that unite us through service and patriotism.

Mark Kelly

U.S. Senator, astronaut, U.S. Navy combat pilot

Adam Lazarus has given us a prize: This is an account of two American heroes who must not be forgotten: John Glenn and Ted Williams. They shared combat duty during the Korean War in exceptionally dangerous duty and then returned home to write their place as space legends and baseball legends. I cannot imagine two more gifted and heroic Americans and I will always treasure my personal relationship with both. Generations to come must honor them forever.

Tom Brokaw

Author of The Greatest Generation

Of all that has been written about ‘The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived’ Adam Lazarus’ portrayal of Captain Ted Williams, USMC, and a friendship forged in war with John Glenn is a remarkable story told in great detail that makes The Wingmen an automatic member in the starting lineup of any and all tales of Number 9’s incredible life.

Mike Barnicle

Senior Contributor, Morning Joe

In the air with Captain Teddy Ballgame, tight on Major John Glenn’s wing, dropping bombs and dodging flak, is about as thrilling as reading gets for this baseball fan. A terrific, surprising book about two American heroes who trusted each other with their lives and became the unlikeliest of friends.

Robert Lipsyte

Author of An Accidental Sportswriter

I thought I knew the story of the Splendid Splinter, Ted Williams, on the baseball diamond and battlefields. Just like I thought I knew all there was about Old Magnet Tail, John Glenn. Wrong on both counts. But thankfully Adam Lazarus saved my tail with his splendid narrative on these two American icons and their extraordinary friendship.

Larry Tye

Author of Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend and Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Lion



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